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Communion Sundays fall on the customary Sundays for each location:

  • Chapelton & Strathaven – Second Sundays in March, June, September and December.
  • Glassford – First Sundays in February, September and November and the second Sunday in May.

Sunday Service

The Sunday service at Trinity Church brings together people from all walks of life. The service typically begins with a choir performance, followed by readings from the Bible and a sermon from the minister. The message is often centred around the teachings of Jesus Christ and how they can be applied to daily life.

Special Services

Trinity Church offers a variety of special services throughout the year, in addition to its regular Sunday services. These services are designed to celebrate important events in the Christian calendar and to provide unique opportunities for spiritual growth and reflection. Some of the most notable special services at Trinity Church include Christmas Eve, Holy Week, and Easter Sunday.

Lectionary Readings

The purpose of Lectionary Readings is to provide a structured way to explore and reflect on scripture, ensuring that the church community engages with a broad range of biblical themes and messages over time.