Welcome to Trinity Parish Church

Strathaven Trinity Parish Church was formed in May 2018 from a union of Strathaven Rankin, Strathaven East, Chapelton and Glassford Parish Churches.

We are seeking to inspire the people of Scotland and beyond with the Good News of Jesus Christ through enthusiastic worshipping, witnessing and serving communities.


Moderator Information

The Rev Norman McKee has been appointed Interim Moderator as of 1st April 2024 until the completion of the minister’s Moderatorial duties.

In addition to the worship team, the Rev Robert Allan and the Rev Robbie Hamilton (moderator’s chaplains) will assist with Sunday worship.

The service on Sunday 2nd June will be conducted by the Moderator of the General Assembly (Shaw has been given permission to preach in Trinity that day).

The up-to-date Preaching Rota is here.

April – May Preaching Rota

Strathaven Trinity Church
Glassford Church
Chapelton Church

Who are we?

We are one united Christian congregation worshipping in three buildings to help and serve our community.

Our church has a rich history and a strong tradition of faith, and we are committed to carrying on this legacy by sharing the love of Christ with everyone who walks through our doors.

Whether you are a lifelong Christian or new to the faith, we invite you to come and experience our community and join us in worship.

Latest Parish Announcements

Glassford Cheeky Crafters Flying Start

Titanic – The last hero and the last coward

Information on the show. Hurry if you want tickets.

Guild 2024 – updated

What’s happening in the Guild

4 Lovely Baptisms in March

Welcome to our church family Theodore, Harrison, Maisie and Gregor.

Moderator Designate

Shaw to become Moderator.

Inspirational Stories. more added 18/02

Some wee stories that will, hopefully, make you think or make you laugh.

Loaves and Fishes still need your help.

What a great reponse!

Thursday Club 2024

Is on every Thursday in Glassford 3.00 – 4.00 pm

Citizens Advice at Trinity

Free, impartial and confidential advice available at Citizens Advice on Tuesdays from 10.00 am till 1.00 pm in the vestry at Trinity Church Hall.

April – May Preaching Rota

Up-to-date Preaching Rota

Memory Club and Supporters – April Update… It’s all happening!

All you need to know about events at the Memory Club.

What We Do

At our church, we strive to provide a welcoming and inclusive community where individuals can come together to deepen their faith and build meaningful connections with one another. Through our worship services, groups, and events, we offer opportunities for personal growth, spiritual exploration, and service to others. Our mission is to spread God’s love and message of hope to all who seek it, and we are dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment where everyone can feel valued and appreciated.

As part of the Trinity there are three Sunday Schools which are on during Sunday Services.

Communion service is open to everyone. For more information, please contact the minister.


Sunday Service usually involves singing hymns, reciting prayers, and listening to a sermon.

Special Services include Christmas or Easter, with special hymns, readings, and sermons.

Lectionary Readings provide an opportunity to discuss the relevance of the Bible in modern society.

Live Streams

We live stream our services to provide online access to our congregation and reach out to a wider audience. Not only do we live stream our services, but also post them on our YouTube channel for people to watch at their convenience.
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Stay in touch

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with the church, please fill out the contact form.

The church office hours are Monday to Thursday 09:15 – 11:45 (school term time). The secretary can be contacted via email at strathaventrinity@gmail.com or phone 01357 529316.